SWAISH  Consultancy Services

COBS & Instations - The roll out of COBS from two supplier across all the then Police Motorway Control offices. This included taking over the ongoing development of the platform including the move from GOSIP to TCP/IP. Development of the 21bit LCC (which allowed COBS to be installed without updating the existing signaling infrastructure and equipment), the Windows Operator Interface (WINOIF) and other COBS developments.

Facilities manager of the two NMCS1 Control Processors at Coleshill and West Houghton.

Emergency Roadside Telephones - Responsible for the development of the ERT354 across two separate contracts. The ERT354 was a step change from its predecessor and its design included a text mode in several languages and improved operation for road users with limited or reduced mobility.

It was design for several modes of transmission including PSTN, GMS, HA Phase 3 and VOIP.

The ERT354 has been installed throughout the Highways England trunk road network as well as roads in other home nations.

Message Signs and Signals - Responsible for the development and approval of version 1 MS3 and MS 2x12; The specification, development and approval of version 1 MS4.

Managed the specification, development and approval of version 2 signs and signals including MS1 motorway indicator, MS3 and MS 2x12, MS4 and AMI.

This development included all auxiliary equipment such as Roadside Controllers, CMU’s, ALS’s etc. Following the base development I progressed the evolution of this range of equipment to allow the control of MS1 via the IP enabled Roadside Controller and several MS4 variants including the MS 2x12 with MS4 optics, the MI4 and MS4R. The specification of version 3 signs and signals for the aborted tender 1/203.

Enforcement and Compliance Systems - Involvment in HADECS since version 2. Most latterly manager for the development and approval of HADECS version 3 which includes the innovative external aspect verification system that removes the unsatisfactory physical link between HADECS and signals found in earlier versions. HADECS 3 uses side fire technology to enforce up to four lanes simultaneously.

The first system obtained Home Office Type Approval in April 2014 allowing the all lane running sections of the M25 to open before Easter.